Our benefits and many more

Events at Geistlich

There are three key dates for employees to put in their diaries: a summer barbecue, a hiking trip in the autumn and a Christmas party.

Public holidays

Public holidays are in line with cantonal and local regulations. The working day is reduced by one hour the day before a public holiday.

Annual leave

Employees are entitled to between 25 and 30 days’ leave per calendar year depending on their age. Management employees are also entitled to up to five management compensation days and Fridays as bridging days when there are public holidays. All other staff can offset their overtime with compensation days that they are free to take in consultation with their managers.

Parking and public transport

Both our locations have free parking. Wolhusen and Root also have direct links to public transport.

Travel-to-work costs

All employees are reimbursed for their travel. The amount is based on the price of a monthly season ticket (second-class public transport) from home to work in proportion to their working hours.

Home office

Based on their contractually defined workload, employees can work up to 50% of their working hours in the home office in consultation with their line manager.


“Ossolino”, our staff restaurant in Wolhusen, offers a range of affordable and tasty meals for employees, while in Root there are some good catering facilities on site. Fresh fruit, tea and coffee are also freely available to all employees.


All employees are covered under the umbrella of our own pension fund, offering them independence and security. Full pay is insured (basic salary and bonus). Employees with a higher income also have management insurance. Both with 60% contributions from the employer and 40% from the employee.

Long-service and anniversaries

Geistlich values loyalty and long-service, therefore Geistlich employees receive long-service allowances and anniversary gifts.

Family allowance

Families are important at Geistlich and are at the heart of what we do. Employees entitled to child benefit or education allowance payments are paid the company’s own monthly family allowance of CHF 120 per month irrespective of their working hours.

Parental leave

Maternity leave is for 18 weeks at 100% of salary. Paternity leave is for four weeks at 100% of salary.

Unpaid leave

Geistlich allows employees to take unpaid leave after taking the company’s needs into account.


Geistlich employees are entitled to purchase Reka-Checks to the value of CHF 1000 with a 20% discount.

Recruitment of new employees

Employees are our most useful ambassadors. If you identify a new member of staff for Geistlich, we will reward your commitment with a bonus of CHF 500.

Personal development

Our employees’ professional development is important to us therefore employees benefit from internal and external courses and an individual development plan.

Health management

As our employees’ health is important to us, we offer various programs, events and financial assistance with sport programs.

Health and accident insurance

Employees at Geistlich benefit from a generous health and accident insurance scheme. In the event of a claim, employees continue to receive 100% of their salary for up to 730 days.

Purchase of products

Our employees have the opportunity to purchase products we have developed and produced ourselves at a discounted rate or free of charge.