Your IT apprenticeship



During your four-year apprenticeship with us you will gain an insight into the varied aspects of the IT landscape.

Your main tasks include:

  • IT support: close contact with colleagues, providing support with IT problems
  • various IT projects: development, problem solving and documentation
  • looking after the “easylearn” training platform on your own
  • maintaining the infrastructure: developing data back-ups and automating software installations.

Depending on where you are working, your main focus changes in line with the infrastructure to be looked after. In Wolhusen you will focus more on the production and research network, while in Root the priority is on administration and IT support for international affiliates.

We offer the IT apprenticeship (VET) specializing in platform development.


For questions about an IT apprenticeship please contact

Tel: +41 41 492 55 55

Here you can find out more about the IT apprenticeship:


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